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Faron 2 by shinjifujioka
Faron 2
Inktober Day 8. Faron part 2.

These images I've been doing have been part of a story that I want to try and develop (right now I come up with most of the stuff while trying to figure out what to write about each picture). Faron will probably be one of three main characters.His design could change quite a bit from what I've been doing for Inktober.

Can you tell that I'm a big fan of Dragon Ball and Naruto? Dragon Ball was probably my main drawing reference when I was a kid, haha.
Aegis by shinjifujioka
Inktober Day 7. Aegis.

The legends surrounding the Old Kings are closer to the truth than most realize. It is said that they came upon an opportunity to obtain an unfathomable power for themselves...or choose to bless their posterity with this gift. Four of them, seeing the many errors in mankind, decided the surest way to use the power for good was to take it upon themselves. The other three, believing that such power was too great for a select few to wield unchecked, passed on the opportunity and thus their lineage inherited that gift.

The four, now known as the Old Kings, soon became corrupted with their strength, and the resulting wars were on a scale that the world had never seen. The Old Kings are now just a memory; their disappearance is shrouded in as much mystery as their reign.

(This Inktober challenge is tougher than I thought it'd be. I got impatient with this one and didn't even finish it.)
Faron by shinjifujioka
Inktober Day 6. Faron.

Faron became the youngest Dragonite to control the blue flame at 10 years old. His skills as a mage already surpass many of the adults in his clan. Because of his carefree and rambunctious nature, he frequently finds himself in precarious situations. However, it was one of these situations that found him rescuing a Bulb Dragon and becoming its lifelong companion.
The 5th Guardian, Asuma by shinjifujioka
The 5th Guardian, Asuma
Inktober Day 5. The 5th Guardian, Asuma.

Not much is known about the Eight Guardians. Though not immortal, they outdate humans by several millenia and no one knows how long they will live. In the early days, they were revered as gods, but since then several decrees have been issued to destroy any written records regarding them. A few manuscripts are believed to remain, and there are interested parties that have killed for even a hint of information regarding their location.

All animal life in the world of Calam have originated from these mythical beasts.
Gaia, the Hidden City by shinjifujioka
Gaia, the Hidden City
Inktober Day Four. Gaia, the Hidden City.

Gaia was built by the descendents of Aelia during the latter end of the reign of the Old Kings. Because of the war and conflict of the era, they saw the need to create a safehaven for their people. The city was built in secret over the course of 70 years and is considered a defensive stronghold. There is only one mountain pass from the south that leads to Gaia, and even that is often obscured by cloud cover. The surrounding area is home to a number of dragon species, making an attack from above quite tricky. To the north lies the mountain range known as the Divine Wall. It is there that the last known sighting of a Guardian occured. The Guardians have remained silent for the past 200 years.


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I have a dog that always wants to know what I am doing.

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