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The Dragon Rider by shinjifujioka
The Dragon Rider

Inktober Day Two. The Dragon Rider. There are species of dragons that do not breathe fire or have wings. The Eastern Blue Dragon is among the rarest of those. While mild in temperament, centuries of dragon hunting have made them quite fearful of humans and they will lash out if cornered. The blue diamond embedded in the forehead of the Eastern Blue is said to be one of the most powerful magical objects known to the world. A single blue diamond can power a small city for a century. The most common use however, is in weapons manufacturing; more specifically, in the forging of Legendary Blades.

While their fashion sense is a little odd, the Dragonite clan has gained the trust of the Eastern Blue, and the two species have formed a symbiotic relationship; the Dragonite mages provide firepower (a blue flame that the dragons are immune to) while the Eastern Blue is able to provide blinding speed and fearsome physical prowess.

Inktober Day One. Kitsune Painter by shinjifujioka
Inktober Day One. Kitsune Painter
First time participating in Inktober. I really only work digitally, so this is a good excuse to do something different.


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I have a dog that always wants to know what I am doing.

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